Biblical Astrology

by Dan McCrillis

Paperback (Large Print)

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In the present era of Jewish rejection of Jesus Christ, see how the stars themselves, in their ancient Paleo Hebrew names, declare him as their Jewish Messiah. The stars teach Christ as the fulfilling the Genesis 2:15 proto-evangelism (first gospel), the Old Testament Coming Branch and Seed prophecies, the sacrificial Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, the promised virgin-born Messiah, and the Coming Seed of King David doctrine. Likewise – in the rise of Islamic and Muslim rejection of Jesus Christ’s Deity – see how the ancient Arabic names of the stars declare Jesus Christ as Immanuel to the pro-generations of Ishmael, Esau (Edomites), Lot (Moabites and Ammonites), Ham (Egypt), etc. Furthermore, in the rise of Atheism and Evolutionism, marvel at the intelligence, order, relevance, and harmony in the astrological record. All of these premises make the stars a powerful gospel appeal to the Jewish, Arabic, and Atheistic communities in 2017.

  • Is there a Messianic Image of Jesus Christ in the Hebrew Names of the Stars?
  • Is there a Middle-East Connection to Jesus Christ in the Arabic Names of the Stars?
  • Is there Intelligent Design in the Stars?

In this book, we journey through the oldest stories within the human race. These stories concern God’s Son and his arch-enemy, Satan. Witness Christ high and lifted up in the Heavenly Tabernacle, and behold Calvary as never before. Envision the doctrines of Christ’s Incarnation, Deity, Kingship, Sacrifice, Redemption, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Descent, Ascension, First and Second Advents, and his Millennial and Eternal Reigns in the starry portraits. Of which, Christ is seen as the Shepherd, the King, the Deliverer, the Judge, the Lamb and the Victor over sin, the world and Satan. Christ, as displayed by the stars, reveals why Christ has all power, deserves all glory, and is worthy of humanity’s all. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.” (Ps. 19:1-6)

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