Parallel Greek New Testament

Parallel Greek New Testament

by Dan McCrillis

Hard Cover

$23.99  plus shipping | 774 pages


Enjoy reading what is still the most received text in the Textus Receptus family around the world! The Erasmus Greek Text underlies the King James Version, Tyndale’s Translation of the New Testament (1526), Germany’s Luther Bible (1534), the French versions of Lefevre and Olivetan, 1534 and 1535; Biestkens’ Dutch work in 1558; the Swedish translation by Cassiodoro de Reyna in 1569; the Danish Christian III Bible in 1550; the Czech version of 1602; and the Italian translation by Diodati in 1607, to name a few; making it the most universal missions Text. In addition, all other Greek works in the Textus Receptus family are off-shoots of the Classical Erasmus Collection. Would there be a Stephen’s Text (1550), Beza Text (1588), or Elziver’s Text (1624) had it not been for Erasmus?

The Classical Greek Text is in Erasmus. It is classical in that it is the one we can point back to and see a revival of the Bible in the languages of the world. It is classical in that it has been providentially preserved through its use and not through hiding. This classical work has been beautifully revived in this limited edition volume of the Acrostic Study Bible.

This volume of the Greek New Testament has been updated to Modern Greek vernacular with updated breathing and punctuation marks. This gives us the opportunity to study parsings and root words in an original and evangelically preserved Text that goes back to antiquity.

The parallel design makes it more effective for pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and students of the Bible to rightly divide the Word of truth. With the parallel design you can also familiarize yourself with the basic elements of the Greek language, rather quickly. This is important to the student as well as the scholar.

Hard Cover, Black Arastox Cloth, 774 Pages, Smyth-Sewn Bound, Silver Foil Stamping On Spine and Front Cover

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