Biblical Egyptology

by Dan McCrillis

Paperback (Large Print)

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From the studies of Egyptology learn about the Pyramid Era, the three famines in Genesis, the hospitality of Egypt, Israel’s bondage, the betrayal of the Hyksos, and the Ptolemaic Dynasty in light of Scripture.

Unveil the biblical pharaohs of the Exodus and a possible identity of Moses in his Egyptian life. Learn the significance of Egypt’s geography and why the world found it to be a safe-haven in times of famine. Find out if the Great Pyramid is mentioned in Scripture and wrap your mind around answers to startling questions:

  • Is there a workable model within Egypt’s dynasties that give account for Exodus’ 0-year-marker (where a pharaoh comes on the scene with a daughter of significant prominence), 40-year-marker (where a man of renown reputation and acquainted with the pharaoh disappears), and an 80-year-marker (where a new Pharaoh comes to power and is not the previous pharaoh’s firstborn son)?
  • What significance does the Septuagint (LXX) have with Egyptology and what bearing does it have on Christianity?

Mentioned 611 times in Scripture and over a 2,000-year period, Biblical Egyptology secures a model on Egyptology that corresponds to the Egyptian epochs mentioned in Scripture.

A Must for Every Bible Student!

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