Biblical Geology

by Dan McCrillis

Paperback (Large Print)

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In this book, we will witness the most accurate account of creation as taught from Scripture and verified by science. No stone will be left unturned as we venture through the following fields of study: Stratigraphy, Meteorology, Obliquity, Dinosaurs, The Fossil Record, Star Light, Greek, Hebrew, Angelology, Creation, the Fall, History, and Theology. In these pages, the Gap Theory Model of Creation will finally take the stand and provide answers to the charges for which it has stands accused by the Young Earth Creation Science Movement (YECSM). Furthermore, the Gap Theory will provide a workable model that functions properly with both the Bible and Geology. See in this amazing book how the Bible reached out thousands of years ahead of the YECSM, Modern Science, and Geology providing Answers to the following questions:

  • Does Let, Made, Formed, and Create all mean the same thing?
  • Does Replenish in Genesis 1:27 mean “fill”?
  • Does Genesis 1:2 really describe an unformed and unfilled earth?
  • Were angels really created in the Six-Day Narrative?
  • Does the Bible really say that the material universe was created in the Six-Day Narrative?
  • Was Adam immortal before his fall?
  • Is there a workable model in Biblical Creation for Modern Geology?
  • Did the Geologic Column form in the Noahic Flood?
  • Is the YECSM from within or without Mainline Christianity?
  • Does our Creation Doctrine affect other doctrines?
  • Is Creation a part of God’s qualitative attributes, or is it just limited to the Six-Day Narrative?
  • Is it logical or illogical to propagate an Appearance of Age Theory when defending a Young Earth?
  • Did the Bible writers teach an Old or Young Earth?
  • When was the Creation made subject to vanity? Pre- or Post- Fall?
  • Could the early Church have grasped modern-day interpretations of Creation?
  • Are the leaders of the YECSM qualified to represent Christianity to the world’s intellectual communities?

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